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Private Money Lender for Real Estate Flipping

One of the best business that one could get into is fix and flips. This is one of the most profitable strategies used by investors. However, not many investors in this business can get financing from the bank. Particularly, due to bad credit issues. If you have tried getting a loan from the bank to financed your flipping business to no avail, then its time you tried us. We are the finest hard money lenders Los Angeles in the whole of California. Feel at ease approaching us, whether you want to finance fixing of a condominium, office building, apartment or even multi-family units.

Our Flip and Fix Loan Service
If you are looking to acquire and improve property but do not have the money, do not worry, we will help you. Whether, you need hard money because you are not eligible for a bank or just require the money fast. Whether you are a residential or real estate borrower. Whatever your case is, advanced Funding Solutions will have a real solution for you.

Why Choose Us?
Our company has over a decade and a half in the business. Over the years, we have gained adequate experience and knowledge on how to go about lending hard money to those in the flipping business. Therefore, we know we need to do in order to keep our clients happy.

Customer Satisfaction
We are a very reputable company, well known for offering hard money lending services in California. In so saying, we are not trying to blow our own horn. You can tell how well we serve our customers and the consistency of the quality of our services by taking a look into our track record.

Our business is very reliable. We do not include red tapes like you will get in banking institutions. We do not ask for an underwriting to be done before we can advance you the money. In so doing, we help you not lose any business. Additionally, due to the reduced time taken before the hard money can be advanced, we are able to help you complete as many projects as you would like, which means more money.

Our hard money lending services in los angeles are not only restricted to one type of property. Whatever property it is that you would like to fix and flip, we will help you in getting the required financing.

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