Reasons why you should choose an animated explainer video to promote your business

Explainer videos are saving a lot of time and money advertising products. In modern times, most people have limited time to watch long videos or read long texts about a product. Therefore, explainer videos are becoming the next big thing in marketing products. If you have not considered using an animated explainer video to market your product, here are some reasons why you should

Videos explain better than words – Research shows that videos stick to the mind of users for a longer period of time. In addition, videos explain better than a written script because it incorporates a lot e.g. visuals.

It is a creative medium – Using an animated explainer video does not have limitations as long as it meets its objective. The video can be used to tell a story in different ways depending on the products being advertised, target audience and level of creativity.

They are dynamic – animated videos are dynamic because they have no limitations. They can change from time to time and this makes them an ideal choice of marketing because they can be used at different times. Unlike plain texts and static images which can be outdated, animated videos are dynamic. However, you need to hire an explainer video production company in Los Angeles to get help from their experienced professionals. These experts know the marketing industry, what’s trending, what would get a lot of views and how to create an ideal animated video.

They are entertaining – Most people are now preferring watching videos rather than reading books. In fact, most people watch movies or even documentaries rather than reading plain text about the same. This is one of the reasons why plain text in marketing is being replaced by animated explainer videos.

Spread fast – these videos are shared by other people on social media and other platforms thus spreading fast. There are numerous explainer video production in Los Angeles which can help you market your product.

Animated videos increases your conversion rate – besides attracting potential users to your site, animated videos have the ability to convert these users into sales. This is possible although it depends on the type of video you’ve created, the product you are selling, level of expertise used in making the video and how effective is your call to action. If you do it right, animated explainer videos can increase your conversion rate.

Clarify the objective of any product – unlike plain texts, animated videos are visualized to eliminate all the guess works. This is quite important because relevant information about the product is shared to help users understand more about the product.

Generate more interests – as the videos are shared, more potential customers get interested to know about the product. Unlike long texts, animated videos are short and clear to pass the message across

Can offer better SEO ranking – when these videos are posted on your website and other social media platforms, users will share them and visit your site to learn about the product you are selling. This will boost your SEO ranking due to heavy traffic generated.

Videos are easy to remember – with an animated video, you are guaranteed that a lot of people will still remember about the product you are marketing. With that, you can bet that they will grow more interest in future even if they have not at the moment.

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